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September, 2011, Issue 1:  What do jurors think of attorney voir dire questions?

August, 2011, Issue 4:  Are jurors biased against ethnic minority attorneys?

August, 2011, Issue 3:  How does a juror's social status affect participation in deliberations?

August, 2011, Issue 2:  When does "if only" thinking affect jurors' verdicts about accidents?

August, 2011, Issue 1:  Are Spanish-speaking witnesses more credible to Spanish-speaking jurors?

July, 2011, Issue 4:  Which better uncovers bias: juror questionnaires or oral voir dire?

July, 2011, Issue 3:  Do minority jurors participate less in deliberations than White jurors?

July, 2011, Issue 2:  Do male jurors talk more than female jurors in deliberations?

July, 2011, Issue 1:  How does litigants' race influence verdicts in sexual harassment cases?

June, 2011, Issue 4:  How do interpreters affect the credibility of witnesses?

June, 2011, Issue 3:  When do jurors first form their verdict preferences?

June, 2011, Issue 2:  What speech style is most effective for witnesses?

June, 2011, Issue 1:  Which dissenting jurors hang juries versus conform to majority opinion?

April, 2011, Issue 4:  Do jurors treat alcohol abuse and child abuse as mitigators in capital cases?

April, 2011, Issue 3:  Do jurors like cultural explanations of conduct in sexual harassment cases?

April, 2011, Issue 2:  How do jurors handle conflicting expert testimony?

April, 2011, Issue 1:  Do jurors discuss insurance in deliberations when awarding damages?

March, 2011, Issue 4:  Can jurors follow instructions limiting use of a defendant's prior conviction?

March, 2011, Issue 3:  What criteria do jurors use to judge the credibility of expert testimony?

March, 2011, Issue 2:  Are juror questions for witnesses helpful or disruptive?

March, 2011, Issue 1:  How does witness instruction in cross-exam techniques affect answers?

February, 2011, Issue 4:  How do jurors' litigation crisis beliefs affect punitive damage awards?

February, 2011, Issue 3:  Do jurors believe confessions can be false?

February, 2011, Issue 2:  Do jurors discuss attorneys' fees when awarding damages?

February, 2011, Issue 1:  How do apologies affect settlement demands?

January, 2011, Issue 4:  How are jurors' religious beliefs related to death penalty verdicts?

January, 2011, Issue 3:  Are defendants who lose civil jury trials at a disadvantage on appeal?

January, 2011, Issue 2:  Do juror demographics predict punitive damages in high-stakes cases?

January, 2011, Issue 1:  How does cross-examination question phrasing affect witness accuracy?



December, 2010, Issue 4:  When is playing the race card an effective strategy?

December, 2010, Issue 3:  How do jurors judge the severity of sexual harassment?

December, 2010, Issue 2:  How does a defendant's facial expression affect jury verdicts?

December, 2010, Issue 1:  Do bench or jury trials yield more mistakenly rejected settlement offers?

November, 2010, Issue 4:  How well do jurors understand jury instructions?

November, 2010, Issue 3:  Do complex questions to child witnesses help or hurt the defense?

November, 2010, Issue 2:  Does it help or hurt when racial differences are a salient issue at trial?

November, 2010, Issue 1:  Do jurors think sexual harassment by email or in person is worse?

October, 2010, Issue 4:  Does a per diem or lump sum request yield a larger pain and suffering award?

October, 2010, Issue 3:  Do plaintiffs need to be careful of how much money they request?

October, 2010, Issue 2:  Do jurors expect scientific evidence in criminal cases?

October, 2010, Issue 1:  How able are jurors to disregard stricken evidence?

September, 2010, Issue 4:  How often are jurors presented invalid scientific evidence?

September, 2010, Issue 3:  Do larger per diem requests for noneconomic damages lead to larger awards?

September, 2010, Issue 2:  How well do jurors understand jury instructions on reasonable doubt?

September, 2010, Issue 1:  Do jurors believe non-native speakers are as truthful as native speakers?

August, 2010, Issue 4:  To what extent do juries discuss jury instructions in deliberations?

August, 2010, Issue 3:  How does racial composition of a jury affect capital sentencing?

August, 2010, Issue 2:  In which cases is settlement most often mistakenly rejected?

August, 2010, Issue 1:  Who most often mistakenly rejects settlement -- plaintiffs or defendants?

July, 2010, Issue 4:  How do ‘CCCP 998 offers’ affect settlement decisions?

July, 2010, Issue 3:  Do instructions help jurors understand presumption of innocence and burden of proof?

July, 2010, Issue 2:  What do jurors think of circumstantial evidence?

July, 2010, Issue 1:  Can jurors distinguish circumstantial and direct evidence?



February, 2009, Issue 2:  Does refutation of peripheral details hurt an eyewitness's credibility?

February, 2009, Issue 1:  How does a juror's locus of control influence liability decisions?

January, 2009, Issue 4:  How does a juror's occupation affect damage awards?

January, 2009, Issue 3:  How does a juror's social class influence understanding of evidence?

January, 2009, Issue 2:  How do multiple charges against a defendant influence jurors' verdicts?

January, 2009, Issue 1:  How does pre-instruction about damages influence damage awards?



December, 2008, Issue 4:  Do jurors answer fully and truthfully in voir dire?

December, 2008, Issue 3:  Which excuses do jurors believe excuse criminal acts?

December, 2008, Issue 2:  Do jurors award the same or different damages as arbitrators and judges?

December, 2008, Issue 1:  Have jurors made up their mind by the end of opening statements?

November, 2008, Issue 4:  How does jurors' authoritarianism affect criminal verdicts?

November, 2008, Issue 3:  Do jurors punish plaintiffs who request too much money?

November, 2008, Issue 2:  Does prior jury experience affect how a juror participates in deliberations?

November, 2008, Issue 1:  Can closing argument reduce jurors' use of "20-20 hindsight"?

October, 2008, Issue 4:  What questioning style is most effective for discrediting an expert witness?

October, 2008, Issue 3:  Are verdicts harsher when the most severe verdict option is decided first or last?

October, 2008, Issue 2:  Do jurors award more money when given general or special verdict forms?

October, 2008, Issue 1:  How do companies' general safety practices influence products liability verdicts?

September, 2008, Issue 4:  How do jurors treat plaintiffs who don't speak English?

September, 2008, Issue 3:  Are jurors fairer to Hispanic defendants with Hispanic attorneys?

September, 2008, Issue 2:  How does viewing a crime scene videotape affect jury verdicts?

September, 2008, Issue 1:  Can jurors ignore a plaintiff's injury when deciding a defendant's recklessness?

August, 2008, Issue 4:  When are attractive defendants convicted more than unattractive defendants?

August, 2008, Issue 3:  To what standard of care do jurors hold auditors?

August, 2008, Issue 2:  When does physical and character evidence dilute information diagnostic of guilt?

August, 2008, Issue 1:  How do successful and unsuccessful prosecutors and defense attorneys speak?

July, 2008, Issue 4:  Is individual or group voir dire more effective at identifying juror bias?

July, 2008, Issue 3:  When are juries more lenient toward African-American than White defendants?

July, 2008, Issue 2:  What damages do jurors award to non-negligent versus partially negligent plaintiffs?

July, 2008, Issue 1:  How does expert testimony about eyewitness fallibility affect verdicts?

June, 2008, Issue 4:  Do jurors protect civil rights when illegal searches find illegal items?

June, 2008, Issue 3:  Do jurors return verdicts in accordance with a judge's leaning?

June, 2008, Issue 2:  What do jurors think about whiplash cases?

June, 2008, Issue 1:  How do warnings on products affect jurors' allocation of responsibility for injuries?

May, 2008, Issue 4:  What responsibility is assigned a priori to manufacturers and users for product injuries?

May, 2008, Issue 3:  Does a plaintiff attorney's reputation affect settlement decisions of defendants?

May, 2008, Issue 2:  What is the effect of minimal versus expanded voir dire?

May, 2008, Issue 1:  How important are demographic characteristics in predicting jurors' verdicts?

April, 2008, Issue 4:  Is directive or non-directive questioning in voir dire better at identifying juror bias?

April, 2008, Issue 3:  Can voir dire questions help jurors set aside a litigant's prior record?

April, 2008, Issue 2:  How does prior jury experience affect jurors' verdicts?

April, 2008, Issue 1:  When does exposing inconsistencies in witness testimony affect verdicts?

March, 2008, Issue 4:  Are leading or non-leading questions better at exposing inaccurate witnesses?

March, 2008, Issue 3:  How do private attorneys compare to public defenders or court-appointed attorneys?

March, 2008, Issue 2:  When do Black jurors judge Black defendants more harshly than White defendants?

March, 2008, Issue 1:  How often does a jury's minority sway the majority to its point of view?

February, 2008, Issue 4:  Do jurors differentiate what is stated in testimony from what is implied?

February, 2008, Issue 3:  Are witnesses who don't speak English less credible to jurors?

February, 2008, Issue 2:  Does voir dire or judicial instruction best educate jurors about due process rights?

February, 2008, Issue 1:  Are silent jurors in voir dire unbiased jurors?

January, 2008, Issue 4:  Which jurors are most influenced by the use of courtroom technology?

January, 2008, Issue 3:  Are jurors most persuaded by clinical or actuarial psychological expert testimony?

January, 2008, Issue 2:  Do female or male criminal defense attorneys get more acquittals?

January, 2008, Issue 1:  Do female or male prosecutors get more convictions?



December, 2007, Issue 6:  How does pretrial publicity in a civil case affect jury verdicts?

December, 2007, Issue 5:  What is the effect of a promise made in opening that goes unfulfilled?

December, 2007, Issue 4:  Are defense openings more persuasive if given initially or reserved for later?

December, 2007, Issue 3:  Are brief or extensive opening statements more effective?

December, 2007, Issue 2:  Are judges better than juries at setting inadmissible evidence aside?

December, 2007, Issue 1:  How do jurors understand an entrapment defense?

November, 2007, Issue 6:  Are jurors more persuaded by attorneys of their own or another race?

November, 2007, Issue 5:  Do male or female defense attorneys get more acquittals in rape trials?

November, 2007, Issue 4:  Does pre-instructing juries about due process rights influence verdicts?

November, 2007, Issue 3:  Do larger or smaller juries perform better?

November, 2007, Issue 2:  Why do juries hang?

November, 2007, Issue 1:  How do jurors perceive corporate defendants?

October, 2007, Issue 6:  Why do jurors award higher damages against corporate than individual defendants?

October, 2007, Issue 5:  Do religious appeals most help the prosecution or defense in capital cases?

October, 2007, Issue 4:  How does the verb, adjective and article in questions affect witnesses' answers?

October, 2007, Issue 3:  How does question wording affect witnesses' answers of frequency?

October, 2007, Issue 2:  What influences jurors' initial votes in criminal trials?

October, 2007, Issue 1:  Does testimony of trivial details hurt or help a witness' credibility?

September, 2007, Issue 6:  How well do jurors understand negligence instructions?

September, 2007, Issue 5:  How do leading questions influence jurors' perceptions of experts?

September, 2007, Issue 4:  How does the reading of deposition testimony at trial affect jurors?

September, 2007, Issue 3:  How does litigants' gender affect jury verdicts in sexual harassment cases?

September, 2007, Issue 2:  When do judges award higher punitive damages than juries?

September, 2007, Issue 1:  When are juries more likely than judges to convict criminal defendants?

August, 2007, Issue 6:  How common are frivolous medical malpractice claims?

August, 2007, Issue 5:  Does a juror's gender affect verdicts in gender discrimination cases?

August, 2007, Issue 4:  Which jurors get empanelled and which excused?

August, 2007, Issue 3:  Are jurors more candid in attorney-conducted or judge-conducted voir dire?

August, 2007, Issue 2:  How impartial are jurors in sex abuse cases?

August, 2007, Issue 1:  Does the severity of a plaintiff's injury affect jurors' liability decisions?

July, 2007, Issue 6:  Do jury consultants affect verdicts in death penalty cases?

July, 2007, Issue 5:  How do bifurcated versus unitary trials affect jurors' verdicts?

July, 2007, Issue 4:  Which witness preparation method is most effective -- simulation or training?

July, 2007, Issue 3:  Does facial hair matter on a criminal defendant?

July, 2007, Issue 2:  How can jurors be instructed more effectively to disregard inadmissible evidence?

July, 2007, Issue 1:  How do jurors respond to expert psychological testimony?

June, 2007, Issue 6:  What do jurors expect of product manufacturers?

June, 2007, Issue 5:  What is the effect of a lesser-included charge?

June, 2007, Issue 4:  Do jurors recognize that trial evidence is selective and not all of the facts?

June, 2007, Issue 3:  How does litigant attractiveness affect verdicts in sexual harassment cases?

June, 2007, Issue 2:  Does ingratiation in voir dire affect trial outcomes?

June, 2007, Issue 1:  Does character evidence help or hurt defendants in criminal trials?

May, 2007, Issue 6:  How does the aggregation of plaintiffs influence liability and damage awards?

May, 2007, Issue 5:  How does alcohol use affect jurors' judgments of sexual assault?

May, 2007, Issue 4:  What type of doctor is most credible to jurors as an expert witness?

May, 2007, Issue 3:  How does the camera angle of a videotaped confession influence verdicts?

May, 2007, Issue 2:  How are jurors affected by dollar amounts requested by plaintiffs?

May, 2007, Issue 1:  What are jurors' attitudes toward battered women who kill?

April, 2007, Issue 6:  How do jurors react to a corporation's cost-benefit analysis?

April, 2007, Issue 5:  How do jurors understand elder abuse and neglect cases?

April, 2007, Issue 4:  Is incriminating evidence more powerful when presented first or last during a trial?

April, 2007, Issue 3:  How do deliberations affect the decision to award punitive damages?

April, 2007, Issue 2:  How do deliberations affect the size of punitive damage awards?

April, 2007, Issue 1:  Are women who carry condoms less credible sexual assault victims?

March, 2007, Issue 6:  Do jurors believe nervous witnesses?

March, 2007, Issue 5:  What do jurors talk about in deliberations when deciding damages?

March, 2007, Issue 4:  Which type of voir dire best identifies biased jurors?

March, 2007, Issue 3:  How do jurors respond to live versus videotaped testimony?

March, 2007, Issue 2:  How do juror characteristics affect verdicts in personal injury cases?

March, 2007, Issue 1:  Which definition of reasonable doubt reduces conviction rates?

February, 2007, Issue 6:  How important to jurors are the credentials of expert witnesses?

February, 2007, Issue 5:  Are plaintiffs awarded more money when defendants show remorse?

February, 2007, Issue 4:  Can jurors treat corporations as they do individuals?

February, 2007, Issue 3:  How do jurors' tort reform attitudes affect civil and criminal case verdicts?

February, 2007, Issue 2:  How do women and minority plaintiffs fare in employment cases tried to juries?

February, 2007, Issue 1:  Do juries reach different decisions than judges?

January, 2007, Issue 6:  When do jurors vote for manslaughter rather than murder?

January, 2007, Issue 5:  Do women jurors lean toward the prosecution or defense in rape trials?

January, 2007, Issue 4:  Are defendants who show emotion during trial more or less likely to be convicted?

January, 2007, Issue 3:  Is comparing death risks from asbestos exposure to other substances persuasive?

January, 2007, Issue 2:  What is stealing thunder and how do I respond to it?

January, 2007, Issue 1:  How does the racial diversity of juries affect verdicts?



December, 2006, Issue 4:  Does the gender of an expert witness affect his/her credibility?

December, 2006, Issue 3:  How do objections influence jurors' treatment of inadmissible testimony?

December, 2006, Issue 2:  How do judges' backgrounds affect sexual harassment case outcomes?

December, 2006, Issue 1:  How does mentioning racial bias in voir dire affect juror decision-making?

November, 2006, Issue 4:  Which jurors are more favorable toward the use of expert witnesses?

November, 2006, Issue 3:  How do jurors' beliefs about emotion influence murder/manslaughter verdicts?

November, 2006, Issue 2:  Do instructions about loss of enjoyment of life increase damage awards?

November, 2006, Issue 1:  Are experts more persuasive using anecdotes or data?

October, 2006, Issue 4:  Does bifurcation of damages affect compensatory awards?

October, 2006, Issue 3:  Do crime victims convict defendants?

October, 2006, Issue 2:  Which influence style is persuasive for female attorneys?

October, 2006, Issue 1:  Do jurors attend to judges’ nonverbal behavior?

September, 2006:  How do computer animations affect jurors?

August, 2006:  Does gruesome evidence matter?

July, 2006:  Can jurors disregard hearsay evidence?

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